Protecting America's Homeowners or Property Owners From Defective Plumbing Pipe

Americas WatchdogAmericas Watchdog is one of the largest and most influential private consumer groups in the United States focused on homeowners issues. The goal of Americas Watchdog’s Plumbing Pipe Advocate is to see to it that US homeowners do not unknowingly purchase a single family home or condominium with plumbing pipes that need to be replaced because they are defective or because of the age of the pipes.


The group has been involved with numerous class actions involving defective plumbing pipe or defective plumbing fittings and they have concluded that the only winners in the class actions are the lawyers. In the most recent national legal settlements the homeowners might receive a few hundred dollars to re-pipe their home as opposed to the thousands that would be required.


The Plumbing Pipe Advocate’s Initiative will do everything possible to educate home buyers about the need to have a plumbing pipe inspection by a highly regarded and licensed plumbing company in their state so there are no surprises down the road that involve very costly repairs. At the same time the group will attempt to educate homeowners about why re-piping or replacing a home’s plumbing system is only a good idea if they use the best possible plumbing materials and plumbers.


As our initiative evolves we will be recommending highly regarded plumbing companies in major US metro markets who have experience doing plumbing pipe replacement for residential homes or condos who warranty their workmanship, who are highly regarded. The plumbing products and pipe these plumbing contractors use also comes with a warranty.



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